Data allows enterprises to create a “Data hub” using information gathered from all sources including structured, unstructured form, internal and external sources. It then allows users to do mashing, slice n dice and data mining without the need of heavy computing.

We offer a host of services in and around the Big Data ecosystem to help customers embrace this new technology and reap the benefits of predictive analytics at a fractional cost as compared to the enterprise class equivalent solutions available in the market.

Our service offerings are segregated into two distinct tracks viz. Business Consulting and Technology.

Business consulting

We help with forming a Big Data strategy after identifying the scope and benefits. Thereafter our team of data scientists help to identify and customize the analytics engine that crunches the gathered information from varied sources. We also create and maintain data models customized for meeting needs of typical industry verticals that our clients can leverage for reaping benefits from established research.

Technology consulting

We entirely take the effort of creating and maintaining clients Big Data Platform (both on premise and cloud based) while clients focus on the core business function. Help clients with Application development and maintenance for setting up  and enhancing federated source data induction, processing and transporting to semantic layer of the Enterprise Data Warehouse where it can be mashed up with traditional Relational Data to derive or predict future course of business.