Contract Staffing

At Shree Software Technologies, we deal with diverse industry verticals, addressing staffing needs across all management functions at different levels. Our experience in the staffing industry enables us to fully evaluate their business situation, determine their specific needs and provide the best staffing results. Our innovative staffing solutions are tailor-made to enable organizations to meet the challenges of today’s fast changing business environment. We work closely with clients to identify, engage, train and retain people that organizations need to create success stories. Our team is highly-skilled and well-versed in the industry sectors and job categories enabling them to have a profound understanding of the assignments.

Contract staffing differs from temporary staffing in a way where staffing is done for individual positions and not functions as whole. Contract employees are individually chosen and are generally more professional. The understanding is that the association between the organization and the employee is for a fixed duration and might be subject to renewal. Contract staffing helps companies add to the workforce selectively and in specific areas.

The primary reason that drives temporary staffing is that organizations today want to focus on their core business and hence want to outsource all activities that are not directly related to their business. The staffing company provides manpower based on the requirements of the organization. Temporary staffing is based on contracts between the organization and the recruitment company. Typically, contracts can range from three to six months. It has also been found that companies that use temporary staff have greater margins, profits etc.

Temporary staffing requirements usually appear during unforeseen situations such as sick leave, maternity leave, peaks in the workload etc. Some of the advantages in temporary staffing include:

  • Reduction in administrative overheads.
  • The organization does not have liabilities associated with permanent employment.
  • The duration of the contract can be flexible.