Media and Entertainment

Entertainment and media companies, from production through broadcast or publication, collect, process, transform and supply information frequently. Their networks and IT solutions must communicate in real time, collecting, processing and disseminating information in varying formats and media. These systems require the very highest level of availability, reliability, and flexibility.  Shree Software Technologies provides a wide array of services in this industry and ensures that systems provide the level of performance required to meet the specific exceptional demands associated with the delivery of real time information.

 At Shree Software Technologies, we believe in collaboration that yields results, be it developing software solutions to support your value chain or accelerating time-to-market through joint content creation. We’ve worked with several Media and Entertainment organizations and are in a strong position to provide right-sized and right-fit IT solutions that integrate with the broadcasting/scheduling/traffic management applications clients use.

Today, more than ever, media companies require a unified view of the enterprise resources. We provide media companies a robust and custom made integrated information technology platform based on the product suite to aid quick decision-making and enable you meet your growing business needs.