Open source development

We are a full-service software development company with high-level competency in open source technology. Similar to other software development services, our open source development service includes both advisory and implementation services. That means we assist clients right from the initial stage of Consultation to Software Development and Implementation.

At Shree Software Technologies, we do provide a standard solution and take the effort to understand the uniqueness of every project and accordingly use the best suitable open source tool, language and development platform. From past many years, we have gained expertise in all major open source technologies which enables us to deliver robust, reliable, high performance and dynamic software solutions that fulfill the client requirements. While there are multiple similar service providers in the market, we stand tall as one of forerunners of open source development services. The key advantages of choosing us as your software development partner are that we do/provide:

  • Through analysis of client’s requirement to identify the best matching open source applications.

  • Through analysis of the open source software applications to understand the underlying code.

  • Customer-oriented documentation defining the customizations to be done in the open source software applications.

  • Community of proficient developers to provide speedy and smooth web development through agile methodology

  • Through QA and testing to identify and resolve any software defects.

  • Assistance in migration of existing systems to the new software.

  • Technical Support for uninterrupted software usage.